Important Information

On this page I will tell you a bit about my kennel, my breeding program, how to place
a deposit, what you should expect when purchasing a puppy from Allstar poms and
shipping info...Please feel free to email any other questions you may have.

I am a licensed kennel; a 6% sales tax will be applied to the purchase price if your baby is picked up in Pa. I am
inspected several times each year by the county dog warden as well as the AKC. I am proud to say that the county
warden has told me that of the many kennels he inspects my kennel is in the top 3. You can see kennel pictures on my
kennel page. My fur~kids are socialized and very well cared for. The kennel is heated during the cold months and
cooled during the warm months.

All pups are vet checked at 7-8 weeks of age. First vaccines are given at 5-7 weeks of age, second set at 9-11 weeks of
age. All pups are on a deworming schedule beginning at age 4 weeks. I give a 10 day guarantee against any contagious
illness and a 30 day hereditary or congenital defect which will adversely affect the health of the puppy/dog guarantee.
Please be sure to fill out and return to me the puppy contract.

Pups can have visitors once they are 8 weeks of age. I do not permit pups to have visitors at a younger age. This is to
protect the pups from disease and sickness. Pups must have their vaccines at least 1 week before they can have visitors.
Due to health reasons I do not permit anyone in the kennel, if you have questions about the kennel you are welcome to
call the Westmoreland county dog warden (Bruce Minick or Jerry Shelper). A person can infect and entire kennel with
a deadly disease just by entering the kennel after unknowingly picking up the disease on their clothing or shoes at a pet
store, park or even on the sidewalk. I have been raising poms for 16 years and have not had any health issues because I
have been very strict with my health policy. If you would like to see the parents of the puppy I will gladly have the
parents brought down for you to see.

If you are interested in a puppy you can place a deposit of half down to my PayPal address
or send a money order to my kennel address. I will not hold a puppy without a deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS...If you are
making your deposit through PayPal please include the 3% PayPal fee. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and NON
TRANSFERABLE. Once deposit is made I will post your baby as spoken for. In the unfortunate event that your puppy has a health issue
you may receive a refund or you may place the deposit on another puppy. In the event that you are unable to get the puppy for unrelated
health issues with the puppy all funds are non refundable.

I will send you an updated photo once the baby is a 5-7 weeks of age. You are welcome to ask about your baby anytime.

If your puppy is being shipped the balance must be paid by the time your puppy is 6 weeks of age. If you are picking
the puppy up I accept cash only at pick up. Cashier’s checks, money orders and PayPal is accepted 10 days before
picking up the baby. Your puppy will be ready at 8 weeks of age unless I let you know otherwise, sometimes I hold the
pups longer if they are not eating well or if they are on the small side. Please be patient and let me do what is best for
the puppy. Pups must be picked up when they are ready to go unless prior arrangements have been made.

I ship out of Pittsburgh Pa. Shipping fee is $375-$425 which covers cost of airfare, shipping health certificate, airline
approved crate, food/water dish for the crate. All shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer. I am asked if shipping
is safe for the pups. If I did not feel shipping was safe I would not ship my babies. The airlines have very strict
regulations for shipping pets. The pups are in an airline approved crate, buckled down in a secure area, temperature
controlled environment. You must have photo ID when picking up your baby.

Items you will need for your new puppy....Royal Canine dry puppy food, food/water dish, Dannon plain yogurt,
Nutrical, brush, baby shampoo, white karo syrup, blanket, puppy playpen....When picking your puppy up I will be
sending home a puppy starter kit with the Royal canin puppy food, Also is a booklet with health tips, grooming tips,
housebreaking tips, etc... The puppy kit is pictured on the available page.

I place very few pups with breeding rights. I am very protective of my lines and where my puppies go. I have been
raising poms for 16 years; I not only have my heart into my fur~kids but also a huge amount financially invested into
them. I have gotten poms from all over the world. I not only concentrate on their overall health and temperament, I
also focus on a thick quality coat and a teddy bear face. I have trusted a few with full akc just to be disappointed and
learn that the  poms have passed from breeder to breeder. That breaks my heart; I prefer to place my poms as pets in
their forever homes. In the event that I do place a pom with a trusted show/breeder, there will be a fee for the
show/breeding rights.

Price of pups vary, I base the price of the pup on the size, coat, facial features, lineage, sex, color etc... I have put
everything I have into my breeding program, I’ve tried to obtain the most healthy, well socialized, good personality, full
coated, teddy bear faced, healthy poms that possibly I could for my breeding program. I have my kennel sanitized daily,
I feed quality meat based foods, My poms get the proper vet care, they have beds and toys. I have invested $2500 -
$5000 into each one of the poms I have purchased so that I could have the breeding program I now have. I
ask a premium price for my pups because they are worth it.

Most of my adults are between 3 and 7 pounds. A good estimate on your puppy would be going by the size of the
parents. If momma is 6 pounds and daddy is 3 pounds, your fur~baby will most likely mature at 4-5 pounds. To get a
better estimate, I have a weight chart that can be looked at for currant weight and mature adult weight.

I sometimes have tiny pups which I refer to as Pocket poms, they mature at 2-3 pounds. These pups will not be ready
to go to their homes until they are 9-12 weeks of age.

If for any reason your puppy does not work out for your family PLEASE CONTACT ME! I will either take the puppy
back or help re-home him/her. Please do not place the puppy in another home. Unfortunately there are backyard
breeders and puppy mills that may end up with the puppy. I will do whatever is necessary to keep that from
happening so please contact me if you cannot keep your new family member.

My poms have very similar personalities as I do not keep hyper, loud or shy poms in my breeding program. I have
learned very quickly that these traits are passed down to the offspring. My poms are very well behaved and have
wonderful temperaments.  

Please note, I am a mother of 7. My older boys have moved on and have families of their own. I am now a grandma of
4. As a family we spend a lot of quality time together. I am very busy with my human children as well as my fur~kids.
We also raise our own beef and pork (one beef cow and 2 pigs per year), milk our goats for milk, make our own goat
milk soaps, grow a large garden for canning foods, have an orchard for canning pears, peaches, applesauce etc. We are
not Amish, We just believe in eating as organic as possible. It’s a lot of work but for my children it’s worth it.

I do get back to emails daily. Phone calls about once a week. If there is an emergency with a puppy I am available by
phone at all hours day and night.


Updated Sept 14 2014