Here I will post a little info about myself,my
family and my breeding program.
I have been raising poms for 16 years, I simply couldn't live without my furkids. I love babies! Throughout my lifetime I have raised
poms, chows, miniature horses, goats, chickens, beef cattle and dairy cattle(not all at one time). I have 7 children ranging from 10 years
to 26 years of age. My children help with the poms and kennel, age appropriate chores of course. I also have a wonderful sister and 18
year old niece who help with the poms every day and of course my husband who helps with everything! I am a stay at home mom who
devotes her time to my children and fur`kids. I do not travel or do much away from the home which may sound like a boring life to
some but its what I enjoy ;)     Below I have included pictures of our kennel.
Where my girls are kept from day 55-63 of their gestation
Where puppies stay at bedtime
Sunny day play area
Not so sunny day play area
In our home is a play area as well as the birthing room where I have
spent many many nights.